I use medium boxes, where do I place the strips?

What is the difference between Formicpro and MAQS beehive strips?

What type of protective clothing should I wear when working with Formic Pro or Mite Away Quick Strips?

How should I store Formic Pro pails?

What is the shelf life for Formic Pro?

Is it true that stronger colonies seem to have more Varroa than weaker colonies?

I just finished treating but my mite drop is very high, what is going on?

It looks like most of the bees are bearding out on the front of the hive. Is this normal?

I see some dead bees at the entrance of my hive, what is happening?

It states on the label, spent strips do not need to be removed after treatment. Do the bees eat the spent MAQS?

Heather Broccard-Bell, Ph.D.

Honey Bee Health Researcher

Dr. Heather Broccard-Bell is a researcher and educator with a passion for delivering interactive lectures on honey bee health. She has been conducting and teaching research for over 15 years, with recent focus on honey bee health and communication.

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