Partnership for bee health

Mar 29, 2010 | Press Release

BASF and NOD Apiary Products, which was established in 1997 in Canada by beekeepers committed to organic ideals, have announced a partnership to bring to European beekeepers a new product that controls the Varroa destructor, a parasitic mite that has been identified by independent institutions as a major contributor to the declining number of bee hives on a global scale.

BASF and NOD are investing in “Mite Away™ Quick Strips” (MAQS), which target Varroa mites while they feed on developing baby bees. The backbone of this easy-to-use strip is a film made of BASF’s biodegradable plastic Ecoflex®, which is filled with the miticide formic acid in a saccharide (plant sugar) formulation. The strip’s secret: Designed to penetrate the brood cap, it stops the mite where it reproduces.

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