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Innovative Research to Promote Bee Health

Keeping honey bees healthy is in everyone’s best interest, for the sake of our food and our future. At NOD Apiary Products Ltd., we purposefully invest in research and education. Our team is constantly focused on building new research and knowledge that will drive innovation, while traveling the world to promote honey bee health.

We firmly believe that working hard to better understand our world will help us solve the complex challenges faced by honey bees, and humans. NOD Apiary Products Ltd. conducts and supports extensive product research to stay informed. We aim to bring you the best methods and information for understanding how our products work and how they affect your bees.


NOD Apiary Honey Bee Health & Education

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Heather Broccard-Bell, Ph.D.

Honey Bee Health Researcher

Dr. Heather Broccard-Bell is a researcher and educator with a passion for delivering interactive lectures on honey bee health. She has been conducting and teaching research for over 15 years, with recent focus on honey bee health and communication.

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Honey Bee Health Research Articles

Read our collection of articles about Varroa mites, NOD Apiary Products and our products’ impact on honey bee health.

Residues in Honey & Wax

Residues in Honey & Wax

Colony Health & Performance

Colony Health & Performance



Why Varroa is so Hard on Honey Bees

Why Varroa is so Hard on Honey Bees


Learn About the Honey Bee’s Biggest Threat

Varroa mites may be small but they have a huge impact on honey bee health. Left untreated, these parasites will transmit viruses that weaken a honey bee colony. By gaining a better understanding of Varroa mites, we aim to combat their devastating impact.

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Driving Innovation in the Global Beekeeping Community

We are getting set up at a new location in Trenton, Ontario for the NOD Apiary Honey Bee Health & Education Centre. The launch of this indoor / outdoor facility will bring hands-on beekeeping courses and educational resources to the local community and our international partners.

Beekeeping Education

Offering mentorship and educational resources for our local and global communities to learn more about honey bees and beekeeping.

Training & Seminars for Beekeepers

Expand your knowledge in our state-of-the-art facility, a new Canadian hub to foster continued education among our beekeeping communities.

Educational Programs for Schools

We can learn a lot from honey bees. Our education centre will be a destination for learning valuable skills through interactive programs.


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Beekeepers ask. We answer.

We want to make sure all your questions are covered. We’re always evolving our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to include up to date answers and videos about our products, treatment and more. See all FAQs >

What are the temperature guidelines and best practices for planning when treating?

Formic Pro, or MAQS? What is the difference between the two treatments?

I use medium boxes where should I be placing my strips?

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At NOD Apiary Products, our passion is honey bee health. Our family of companies is made up of dedicated teams that work shoulder-to-shoulder with beekeepers across our global communities. Meet the people behind our company.

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