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We know a lot of factors can affect the success of your season. Whether you’re new to beekeeping or a seasoned pro, questions are going to come up. We keep track of your most common questions to provide fresh answers and helpful videos about our products, treatment tips and more.

What protection does wrapping provide, and how do I calculate the rate of heat loss?

At what temperature should I wrap my bees?

What is the best way to store?

My Bee Cozy is wet, what should I do?

Does the Bee Cozy provide ventilation?

Why is the inner cover pad smaller than my hive dimensions?

Where do I place the inner cover pad?

How long will my Bee Cozy last?

What is the Bee Cozy made of?

I use medium boxes, where do I place the strips?

What is the shelf life for Formic Pro?

How should I store Formic Pro pails?

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Formic Pro

How can I adjust my hive configuration to make it suitable for MAQS?

The label says to avoid disturbing the colony at time of application. Can I do a full colony exam and then treat immediately, or should I wait and come back to treat?

Can I treat my newly split nucs, if they contain only 4 or 5 frames of bees?

Mite Away Quick Strips

Why should I use an Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) instead of treating when I start to see issues?

Why do I need to place the strips on top of the bottom brood chamber? Why not the top?

Is it too cold to treat?

Bee Cozy

Why is the inner cover pad smaller than my hive dimensions?

What protection does wrapping provide, and how do I calculate the rate of heat loss?

What is the Bee Cozy made of?

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